COVID-19 • FAQ & Recovery plan

When will in-person gatherings resume?

In-person gatherings have resumed in accordance to CDC guidelines.


Will regular activities look different?

While we expect our in-person gatherings to feel the same when we reach Phase 4, like the rest of society, we expect that the way we interact with each other will look at little different for a while. We’re going to continue to modify the parts of our services that required physical contact before (such as pausing the passing the offering plates and greeting each other with handshakes), and we’re doing everything we can to keep our facilities clean and safe.

How do I give if I am not meeting in-person?

Knapp Church appreciates your offering and you are now able to securely give online
via the tab above or by clicking here.

What about regular yearly events?

In the near term, some events will gather as an online-only events, and some will still meet in-person.

How can we gather together right now?

Knapp Church Online has several great ways to gather digitally on a weekly basis.

  • On site and in-person
  • Online on our Facebook page
  • Outside in your car, tune to 88.3FM

To provide clarity on recovery efforts for Knapp Church operations, church services, facility, and staffing changes in response to COVID-19.   

This outline below provides guidance for the following:

  • Social Distancing / Close-Contact
  • Recovery Timeline and Milestones
  • Service & Ministry Changes / Online Strategy
  • Facility Changes / Sanitization
  • Special Events



Vulnerable members: Over the age of 65 or immune-system compromised

Social Distancing / Close-Contact

The Surgeon General and CDC strongly recommend that we keep social distancing (a 6’ buffer between people) at all times throughout Phase 1, which may be relaxed in later phases. For those conducting services during Phases 1-2, social distancing needs to be adhered to.


Following Phase 3, the return to services will likely result in a high volume of members wishing to return to see those they’ve been apart from over the last few months. There will be a desire for people to come in close contact with one another, which should be avoided temporarily in Phase 3, and for our staff and congregation to be cautious of even into Phase 4.

Recovery Timeline and Milestones

Knapp Church recovery timetables are predicated on the Phase requirements set forth by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). While some Knapp Church programs will continue during all phases, they may have different expressions (online vs in-person group gatherings) depending on the Phase Milestone we’re currently under.




Phase 1 (RESTRICTED) Operations

Phase 1 operations have the strictest requirements due to concern of spread of the virus, where we have the most responsibility of doing our part to keep social distancing and isolation of staff. No gathering of staff or congregation is authorized with the exception of production of streaming church services and recording of special communications to the congregation. Only facilities personnel and excepted staff may be on campus.


During this phase, the following will be in place:

  • Church Services    ONLINE ONLY (FB / Church Online/Drive-In)
  • Small Groups         ONLINE ONLY (Zoom)
  • Campus                   CLOSED
  • Consistory              ONLINE ONLY (Zoom / Phone)
  • Special Events        CANCELLED
  • Staff Location         100% REMOTE
  • Vulnerable               ONLINE ONLY


Phase 2 (REDUCED) Operations

Achieving Phase 2 Operations allows for the lightening of restrictions towards gatherings and will allow for small groups of people to gather together. This is the milestone that will allow for Small Groups to continue meeting in person; it is expected that no more than 50 people can congregate in this phase, with limitations adjusted as we near Phase 3.  


During this phase, the following will be in place:

  • Church Services    ONLINE ONLY (FB / Church Online)
  • Small Groups         ONLINE / IN PERSON
  • Campus                   CLOSED
  • Consistory              ONLINE ONLY (Zoom / Phone)
  • Special Events       CANCELLED
  • Staff Location        100% REMOTE
  • Vulnerable              ONLINE ONLY


Phase 3 (LIMITED) Operations

Achieving Phase 3 Operations allows for the gathering of larger groups of people, and the local government has yet to provide the number restrictions. It is expected that groups of 20,30,50,100 will be able to gather over time, and church leadership will determine which activities will be allowed during each of those representative gathering levels, ensuring safety and security of those who gather.


Phase 3: Limited to gatherings of 100+

During this phase, the following will be in place:

  • Church ServicesIN PERSON (150 Max)
  • Small Groups         IN PERSON
  • Campus                   OPEN
  • Consistory               IN PERSON
  • Special Events        CANCELLED
  • Staff Location         CRITICAL STAFF ON-SITE
  • Vulnerable               ONLINE ONLY



CURRENT - Phase 4 (STEADY-STATE) Operations

Achieving Phase 4 Operations is the new steady-state for Knapp Church, keeping protective measures in place, but allowing for the return of our vulnerable members.

During this phase, the following will be in place:

  • Church Services    IN PERSON
  • Small Groups          IN PERSON
  • Campus                   OPEN
  • Consistory               IN PERSON
  • Special Events        ALLOWED
  • Staff Location         ALL-STAFF ON-SITE
  • Vulnerable               IN PERSON


Service & Ministry Changes
Services are currently being conducted in-person, online with Facebook Live and streaming, and broadcasting Live on FM 88.3 for cars in our parking lot.


Protection of Vulnerable Members

People over the age of 65, those with compromised immune systems, or anyone who is sick is encouraged to participate in online services until Phase 4. 

Service Elements
Until further notice, service elements that come into contact with multiple people will be changed to reduce contact between church members.

Family communion may still be implemented while streaming on-line. In church Communion will be served using pre-packaged wafer/juice communion cups.

The “meet and greet” portion of the service is discontinued until further notice.

Knapp News newsletter and Sunday bulletin will move to a digital format. There will be limited copies of the bulletin available for those attending the in-person Sunday morning service.


Welcome Team
The welcome ministry team (greeters, ushers, communion) interact with people and typically are in close contact with church members. Until further notice, Knapp Church volunteers will not engage in physical contact to make church members feel comfortable. A simple wave and a friendly greeting is sufficient to welcome people into the church. Even if our volunteers feel comfortable greeting with a handshake or hug, it may make others uncomfortable. 

Children’s Ministry
Children’s ministry will have a significant increase in oversight for interaction between the children. In addition to the increased disinfection in the children’s areas, the following precautions will be in place:

A disinfection checklist will be in place to clean rooms prior to the service.

Walk out Worship (W.O.W.) and Little Lambs is available.


Coffee Table

Coffee table is open with cookies/snack provided.

Information Desk

Masks are provided.

Hand sanitizer stations will be clearly available.  


Prayer Partners
Prayer partners will be available during Phases 1-4 online (see website).

Weekly prayer gathering takes place each Wednesday night at 6:30pm iin the lower parking lot.


Missions Changes

International mission trips, international travel, and all out-of-country activities are on hold until Phase 4. Local missional efforts are subject to CDC guidelines.



Facility Changes / Sanitization

The following facility changes have been made to protect the congregation before, during, and following services on campus: 

All adult restrooms will be equipped with sufficient signage that restricts the number of people in the restroom and clear instructions on washing your hands prior to leaving the room. Towels will remain as they were before, and trash cans will be in place so a paper towel can be used to open the door upon exit, disposing of the towel in the trash can nearby.

Disinfecting efforts include:

  • High-touch areas (doors, computers, restrooms, auditorium, student, and children’s areas)
  • Children’s ministry area
  • Hand sanitizer stations will be located throughout the facility.
  • Hand-held radios/pagers will be sanitized after each use by the user prior to being returned to the charger.